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Middle East Economic Forum

East-West Dialogue: Turning Challenges into Opportunities


The Middle East Economic Forum is focused on ‘’East-West Dialogue: Turning Challenges into Opportunities’’ and addresses the core topics of Big Data, Industrie 4.0, Digitalization, Economy and Smart City.Grid.Mobility. It offers an interactive platform to showcase and discuss innovative strategies, new business models and new development ideas around the east-west further cooperation.

For the first time, the World Expo will be taking place in the United Arab Emirates and the venue of the event will be Dubai in 2020. The Middle East Economic Forum comes as a unique congress for the Middle East region in the organizing process and the advance of the World Expo 2020. More than ever, the open dialogue is called in terms of economic networking and dependencies in order to be able to  optimally face and solve the challenges of the future.

Nevertheless the Middle East Economic Forum shall focus on emergent issues such as political influences and changes, as well as the current international human flows, new challenges through the Industrie 4.0 and energy management challenges. A new platform should proactively encourage and support this through an annual meeting in Dubai with excellent speakers, interesting presentations on current topics and committed actions to be realized under the Middle East Economic Forum network. 

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  • Privacy and Security  
  • Big Data tools and deployment platforms 
  • Algorithms for Data visualization
  • Digital Future
  • Digital Transformation & Digital Architecture
  • Digital Business Models





  • Smart Energy
  • Smart Infrastructure
  • Smart Services
  • Smart Environment
  • Smart Mobility
  • Smart Technology
  • Smart Economy
  • Smart Living




  • Smart Manufacturing 
  • Automation & IT Bridges
  • Dynamic business and Engineering processes
  • Work organisation and design in Smart Factories
  • Resource efficiency